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A Cycle of Blogs

26 Feb

Hi, my name is Kittipong, and this is my blog.  It is a blog about my insight into life, and programmings.  Each month, I will try to bring my (near zero) insight on a different aspect of life, or different points in programmings.  And if you have any comment, feel free to comments.

Since this is my first blog, I probably should give a back history.  I started working on a website back in late 1990’s.  If I am not wrong, it was 1998 when I was still in high school.  Back then I was not sure why anyone need a website, so even though I learned HTML couple years earlier, I did not create a personal site until 1998.  So, what changed my mind back in 1998?

If you think it was for a humanitarian cause, then you thought too much of me.  If you say curiosity, then you are in for a disappointment.  It was for a simpler cause.  It was for love.  No, it was not for the love of technology.  In fact, there probably was no love involved.  One day during the autumn of my junior year, I was talking to couple girls in my class.  They were smart and quite literate in computer, and one of the topic involved a website.  When I told them I know HTML & CSS, one of them encouraged me to start one.  And like any young blind teenager, a whisper from a girl was enough to made me started a website.  Tada!!!

I started with Geocities.  Yes, the same Geocities that is no longer around anymore.  Tokyo, Palace, 4409.  That was my Geocities address.  And it lasted many, many years.  Until I graduated and got a degree.  Oh, the memory of simpler days.  And, oh the realization that Geocities had no plugins for scripting languages, or DB.  That was a big problem when I tried to get a job, and my Geocities failed to impress.  This was back in 2005.  So, in the end, I registered another host that allowed PHP & Mysql combo.  All were rosy, until I realized one thing…  it was hard to backup mysql.

The free host did not provide any backup.  So, I had to perform manual backup — display all posts and save the HTML.  Hmmm…  In addition, with all the programming works on the site, I hardly use site for blogging anymore.  Actually it came pretty close to being a revision README file.  Another problem I faced was the need to visit the site every weeks, or it could be closed.  Yeeeaaaa!!  NOT!

Just to speed up.  It did get closed.  I started a blog on Google (eBlogger).  It was filled with posts that made me look like I had a mid-life crisis every other weeks.  Since I did not have anyone to complain to, it ended as new posts every so often.  After two years of tween-life crisis, I took another shot at PHP & Mysql site again.  And SURE enough, I got lazy for a while, and it was closed down.  Geeez.  So, here we are with wordpress.  Hopefully, I can do better this time.